edoxOnline – Container Module Incorporates New Functionalities

In recent years, the edoxOnline platform for containerized shipments has evolved into a multi-feature system with a number of capabilities to streamline the container workflow:

  • Automatic upload of container information such as container numbers, seals, weights, number and type of packages, production and expiration dates, lot numbers, etc.
  • Support of multiproduct and single product operations.
  • Container number validator capability; documentary instruction templates; drafting and final issuance of documents and certificates.
  • Drafts validation module and final documents upload.
  • Statistics, KPI and timelinechartsare among other important functionalities.

Currently, the edoxOnline platform is being utilized for over a hundred commodities among which we can highlight milk, coffee, lecithin, oils and sugar.

Our online Demo takes 30 minutes and provides an overview of edoxOnline main features, functionality and the benefits of digital collaboration.