You can call, text or even webcam with us 24/7. The User Guides are always ready for your full understanding of our smart features.

Onboarding process

We work together with our Clients to understand the business model – needs and objectives in terms of expected improvement & implementation timing.

Our Demo provides to our Clients an overview of the main features, functionality and the benefits of working collaborative with edoxOnline.

During the Registration face, we create users’ profile and analyze your documents, business flows, product portfolio and vendors network.

In the Set-up face we configure and develop digital documents and processes, we verify your documents correct output and validate that your business processes are properly supported.

Remote or on-site Trainings carried out using data from on-going or past operations.
2-3 sessions are sufficient for a satisfactory use of edoxOnline.
We make sure users become an experts.

Our team provides support in an as-much-as-need base.
You receive every month an operational report for guidance and performance improvement.

Our online Demo takes 30 minutes and provides an overview of edoxOnline main features, functionality and the benefits of digital collaboration.