Global Share, through the renowned edoxOnline platform, announces the launch of the long-awaited “Electronic Bill of Lading under Blockchain technology”

We are proud to announce a major milestone in Global Share/edoxOnline history, the brand new development for the preparation, issuance, signing, transmission, negotiation and presentation of the electronic Bill of Lading (e-BL).

In addition, the incorporation of Blockchain technology to the e-BL platform will position edoxOnline to the top podium category of companies providing such functionality running after full and extreme security capabilities.

Global Share therefore confirms its leadership in the agribusiness industry, and is determined to reach out to the horizon stated in its Vision by adding innovative solutions that help customers receive important benefits as a result of the streamlined processes these innovations produce.

Solutions such as the electronic Bill of Lading (e-BL), electronic Phytosanitary Certificate (e-Phyto) and electronic Origin Certificate (e-OC) are currently embracing the International Trade of Commodities, thus helping all trading companies go paperless, as they also streamline the whole shipping documents issuance process.

We are confident that the edoxOnline electronic Bill of Lading (e-BL) will meet our customers’ expectations and business needs.

Go paperless, Go efficient, Go edoxOnline!

Our online Demo takes 30 minutes and provides an overview of edoxOnline main features, functionality and the benefits of digital collaboration.