Our Vision On Electronic Documents (London, Original Speech)

Electronic documents mean not only how you reproduce docs, but also how you make a more efficient process (reducing time, saving money, etc).In this sense, we need to highlight one of the main drivers: “Internet”.

Internet keeps on helping the industry to improve processes through data automation; systems´ interfaces; players networking; etc.

However, in spite of these benefits, there are significant challenges to meet, such as “Worldwide acceptance”…

  • How to bring together the different players and make them interact through a single platform?
  • How to make the documents instructions flow from destination to origin without retypinginformation, so that documents can be issued consistently with no mistakes?
  • How to avoid shippers logging into different systems depending on the kind of documents or organizations involved?
  • How to reproduce electronic documents and make banks, Customs, Clients, accept them?
  • How to enroll all the different players aiming at working cooperatively?
  • How to gather all the real time information from silos´ sensors to different players documents?

Automated/Interfaced systems, like edoxOnline, which consistently produce all of these shipping and commercial documents required by the industry, issued under electronic basis, and accepted worldwide by the different players, would definitely impact on the industry´s efficiencies.

In the coming years we will be seeing another high impact because of the so called IOT (Internet of the Things).

Trustworthy information, in real time, from silos to different players´ pcs and/or documents will be available for different purposes. We can now get sensors allocated for real time results like weight, temperature, moisture, volume, protein, etc.

Our online Demo takes 30 minutes and provides an overview of edoxOnline main features, functionality and the benefits of digital collaboration.