Argentine grain exports go full steam with edoxOnline

String Feature

MV Namura Queen loading soybean meal July 2020 ex San Lorenzo Port, Argentina.

Bunge Argentina and Asociación de Cooperativas Argentina (ACA) seamlessly collaborated to issue all key Transactional shipping documents through one common and single tool “edoxOnline”.

Our unique and innovative feature allows Buyers to collaborate in Real-Time with Multiple Sellers in String for the issuance of Documents, including Bills of Lading; certificates of origin; Supervision and Fumigation documents; making the process much more efficient compared to untraceable back-and-forth emails containing files with drafted documents.

With edoxOnline String feature, Buyers and Sellers operating in string can streamline the drafting, issuance, tracking and storage of all commercial-shipping documents in real time, all in one single tool!

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