1st eFBL issued through edoxOnline by OAPCE Freight Forwarder

History is being made today! We are glad to announce that the FIRST eFBL for a Chinese cargo has been issued through edoxOnline by OAPCE, a leading Freight Forwarder company with global reach.

The cargo was loaded in Xingang port, China and is expected to arrive by the end of September to Buenos Aires port, Argentina.
From data input, to drafting and electronic issuance, the complete issuance process only took 5 minutes!
edoxOnline eFBL module allows the issuance, handling and management of FIATA  electronic bills of lading, enabling:
Time and money saving – Send electronic documents within seconds at a fraction of the paper processing cost.
Process optimization – Issue paperless FBLs directly from edoxOnline avoiding double data entry.
Trust and security – eFBL validity, identity and content integrity can be verified at any time by stakeholders.

Sustainability goals achievement – Embrace a green solution, help saving paper and unnecessary courier service.

FIATA International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations is a non-governmental, membership-based organisation representing freight forwarders in some 150 countries. FIATA’s membership is composed of 111 Association Members and more than 5,500 Individual Members, overall representing an industry of 40,000 freight forwarding and logistics firms worldwide. Based in Geneva, FIATA is ‘the global voice of freight logistics’.

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