edoxOnline integration with the Argentine Chamber of Commerce (CAC) allows the automatic issuance of eCO

(electronic Certificates of Origin)

We are pleased to announce that edoxOnline and the Argentine Chamber of Commerce (CAC) have finalized its integration to offer Argentine exporters the possibility to issue eCO (COD-Mercosur/ALADI and Non-Preferential/Extra-Zone electronic Certificates)

This integration enables substantial operational efficiencies to exporters and services providers such as:

  • Automatic data submission.
  • Elimination of cumbersome paper workflows.
  • Cost-effective operations avoiding logistic expenses.
  • Online access to relevant trade information in real-time.
  • Shorter issuance time allowing faster Documents presentation.

At edoxOnline we are committed with the digitalization of International Trade processes and documents enabling real time collaboration between Shippers, Buyers and Vendors for the issuance of key documents in a reliable, efficient, interconnected and secure manner.

About CAC:

The Argentine Chamber of Commerce was born with the objective of uniting the commercial and service sectors of the country.

It offers professional advice on commercial, economic, labor, tax and legal issues of the market; as well as issues related to the care of the environment, social responsibility and culture; at the same time that it plays an active role in the regional economy.

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