Best Digital Trade Documents Provider by ICC United Kingdom #C4DTI awards

Alejandro Pernías, edoxOnline CEO receiving the award.

We are pleased to announce that edoxOnline is the winner of the “Best Digital Trade Documents Provider” award, granted by the ICC United Kingdom 2nd annual #C4DTI. “The edoxOnline team congratulates all winners, finalists and the ICC United Kingdom for recognizing our dedicated contribution to the #digitaltransformation of #globaltrade“, Alejandro Pernías edoxOnline CEO.

About the C4DTI
The Digital Trade Conference (DTC) is the annual, international, flagship event for ICC Centre for Digital Trade and Innovation (C4DTI). It took place on 17–18 April 2024, discussing practical implementation, results from recent pilot initiatives and ongoing roll-outs. The Centre for Digital Trade and Innovation (C4DTI) is an ICC United Kingdom-led, global initiative based at Teesside University established with support from the Tees Valley Combined Authority. C4DTI is an industry-led, government-supported public-private partnership that works with the ICC Digital Standards Initiative, foreign governments, business groups, companies and international partners to digitalise UK trade. The C4DTI agnostic to technology and advocate for open, interoperable systems (laws, rules, standards).
About the ICC United Kingdom
ICC United Kingdom is the representative voice for ICC in the UK and provides a mechanism for UK industry to engage effectively in shaping international policy, standards and rules. We are the leading voice on digital trade ecosystems and Co-Chair the B2B Cluster for the Commonwealth Connectivity Agenda.
Our online Demo takes 30 minutes and provides an overview of edoxOnline main features, functionality and the benefits of digital collaboration.